Knowledge Management

Within the Town Hall Meeting today, two ClinTriCare employees gave keynote speeches on exciting topics across medical and research aspects. The management expressed great excitement that knowledge can so be shared within the entire team.

New Business Units

ClinTriCare sets its course for the future. In addition to new hires, the company has added a new Business Unit. Now, a total of nine business units are managed by ClinTriCare experts and are responsible for providing their expertise in various projects ranging from project management of a Clinical Trial or IIT to Early Phase. […]

Humanitarian Engagement

During the company meeting, our keynote speaker Arno Köster, drew attention to the educational and water projects of the Udo Lindenberg Foundation

Global Thinking

ClinTriCare is expanding its presence on the international market

Cyber Security = Company Culture

The importance concerning cyber security is present company-wide. At ClinTriCare, we are focusing on building a security culture

Business Unit Concept

Due to the expansion of the company, the establishment of the various Business Units is a success guarantee.