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Structuring processes

Business units

Business Units have been established as organisational units in order to structure service-related processes in a thematic manner and to be able to offer project customers even more efficient and operative support. The Business Units, based on fields of activity in the field of drug development, represent a modern team organisation structure.

Each Business Unit is headed by a Business Unit Leader, who has many years of experience in clinical development and the necessary technical and soft skills.

The Business Units are aligned with the operational project management business in clinical trials and programs and combine fields of responsibility with similar content.

Cooperation with market experts

Project Coaching®

In order to ensure and further improve the high quality, all employees who are assigned to customer projects will be leaded by independent market experts in the clinical development area. The managing director and Business Unit Leader decides on the assignment of coaching measures.

The current project status is discussed at regular intervals during meetings and, if necessary, measures are defined to improve the quality of work, increase work efficiency and adapt work processes.

This support, which also includes the independent review of important project documents, primarily serves to fulfil the high demands on the quality level of the work results.

Expanding expertise

Knowledge Management/Training

Since the company was founded, a special element has been the broad range of trainings on an individual basis or for the company as a whole.

In addition to regular internal training, each staff member has an attractive annual budget for participating in external/internal training courses in order to expand the individual expertise and to keep every team member “up to date“.

Many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry and the comprehensive training built the platform for a broad spectrum of knowledge.


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