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Integration into your existing team structure lets our team go the extra mile for you – which we are happy to do!

Positive feedback from our customers speaks for itself. Thank you.

Benefit from years of experience

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Industry leaders challenge us. And we like challenges.

Contract research organisations

Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies

Medical device manufacturer

What sets us apart

ClinTriCare – A partner you can count on

We support leading companies in the industry with their clinical trials in a variety of areas.

  • We offer you a professional contract service with a short turnaround time.
  • We are extensively trained in drug development and trial management.
  • We can support you within a couple of days.
  • We work according to your SOPs and regulatory requirements.
  • We receive in-house Project Coaching® for optimal results at project level.
  • We can leave your project at any time should our support no longer be required.
  • We have experience in clinical trials across multiple areas.

Our passion is the key to your success!

Our entire ClinTriCare team has comprehensive experience in international trials for various indications.
In the event of short-term staff constraints on a project level, our team can continue to run your projects smoothly on your behalf.