The pharmaceutical industry in transition – ClinTriCare faces the next industrial revolution

We invited an expert in the field of drug development to give an exciting presentation on “The pharmaceutical industry in transition – The next industrial revolution” at the ClinTriCare company meeting on 30 June 2017.

The participants enjoyed being taken on a mental journey into a digital future in which artificial intelligence will play a crucial role. The pharmaceutical industry, as part of a restructuring healthcare industry, is increasingly focusing on the patient – and increasingly on the healthy person. “Precision medicine” and prevention are the goals of the necessary change, and interoperable, usable health data is the key to success.

The new challenges and opportunities in the field of clinical research and development are also data-driven and patient- or health-centered. In this regard, ClinTriCare’s team is already in a strong position to offer customers future-oriented solutions with an expanded range of services.